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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is "conscious sleep?"

Conscious sleep refers to the experience of your mind being actively aligned with your body while sleeping. It's to have heightened awareness of your sleep-state. While experiencing conscious sleep, you are more likely to utilize your dream environments as multi-faceted forces for reality.

What is "deep sleep exploration?"

Revolutionary creation has been linked to deep sleep exploration in many different cases. From Sigmund Freud to the silent genius, people are exploring their dreams and using them to accomplish more of what they love in reality (awake-state). Stellace's mission is to shine light on the value that we can gain from paying attention to our dream-state.

What is Stellace?

Stellace is an herbal sleep supplement in combination with naturally occurring minerals and low-dose melatonin. It was specifically designed to deliver genuine, sustainable sleep. It is also intended to bring people in closer to their natural meditative state. The combination of ingredients creates its own unique effect, different from anything else we've encountered - while still warmly subtle.

How do I take Stellace?

Simply take 2 capsules about 30-45 minutes before sleep. Consume with water and positive intention. Those who are open to Stellace are most likely to experience the full effects.

Where is Stellace produced?

All Stellace products are manufactured in the USA - at an FDA registered and GMP certified facility based in New York. Our ingredients are tested more than once for purity and detection of heavy metals or contaminants. We're serious about product quality.

How long after ordering do I receive my package?

We ship quickly - usually the same/next business day. Exceptions are when there's incredible demand, but we'll always immediately communicate with you if anything comes up. Expect to receive your package 3-5 days after dispatch in the US and after 1-2 weeks for international orders.

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